The Family Conversation (TFC) houses content, publications, references and tools supportive of better engagement between affluent households and their financial advisors. This content is also the foundation of GreshCo, its history and the experience of Steve Gresham, author of The New Advisor for Life and a longtime practice management authority. So TFC is the “credibility play” for GreshCo, and supplies the “halo” effect around the other units.


The basis of FinServ transformation is to achieve a better and more customized client experience as outlined in the TFC content. That experience is enhanced by greater client awareness, advisor skill and empathy and the inclusion of important perspective on tax efficiency and healthcare costs.


The Ten Key Strategies of Private Client 2020 showcase the efforts needed to support a better client experience – in support of both clients and their advisors. Gresham’s Law helps FinServ companies better understand how to better deliver a great client experience using the guidance of The Family Conversation content.

The Family Conversation