The New Advisor For Life

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to clients and their families

The future of wealth management is the ability to support the historic age wave of retiring Americans and their families.

The New Advisor for Life provides best practices captured from top advisors worldwide to guide wealth advisors on how to improve the client experience utilizing key solutions to be successful – solutions that increasingly include credit, protection, security and protected lifetime income. The historic age wave is driving equally historic money in motion from wealth transfer, retirement plan distributions and rollovers as well as home equity. The New Advisor for Life will earn those rewards.






“A good coach can help every the best players reach their potential. As a financial advisor, you coach successful families to tackle life’s challenges and achieve their goals. Steve Gresham can help – he has the tactics to help you build a winning team”

          – Mike Krzyzewski, Head Coach, Duke University Basketball and USA Basketball, 2010 Men’s National Team



Welcome the Retirement Income Advisor, the Antidote to a Bear Market

She Saved My Life

Older, wiser, priorities reshuffled – your clients need an advisor for their life


This is Us

Financial wellness is coming of age – and we’re all on the journey together.

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Proven Results from Better Execution

“The Age Wave of retiring Baby Boomers is creating a seismic bonanza for financial advisors – if you they can provide the kinds of creative and flexible strategies their clients will be wanting and needing. Steve Gresham provides the solid, imaginative, yet practical guidance needed to build winning strategies to meet the needs of a new generation of investors. I have long respected his work and heartily recommend this book (the New Advisor for Life)”

                                                                             - Ken Dychtwald, PhD, founder and CEO, Age Wave, and author
                                                                                   of Age Wave, Age Power, The Power Years and What Retirees Want

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